Music Mark

Music Mark

We are delighted that we have been awarded the Music Mark, which is given to schools to recognise their commitment and dedication to music. In our letter of acknowledgement we were thanked for all the hard work we do to ensure that pupils at our school are able to access and engage with a high-quality music education.

At St Matthew’s we agree with the UK Association for Music Education, that music should be an entitlement for every child, an integral part of school life and never side-lined as just a ‘nice to have’ subject. Have a look at their booklet and poster which summarises 10 brilliant things they believe schools should know about the benefits of music.

We are lucky that we have some brilliant musicians working at school and we know that we cannot wait to get singing, playing and performing altogether again. Our pupils have the chance to learn instruments in class and parents can take up the offer of individual music tuition.

10 Things Schools Should Know Booklet

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