We aim to provide a high quality of education and rich experiences for all the children in our care.  Good attendance plays a vital part in this.  We work together with parents and pupils to help ensure all pupils attend regularly and meet our target of at least 96% attendance for each child.

We lay a great deal of importance on the need to be punctual and to arrive in school on time. Not only does it make for a good start to the day but it shows consideration for every one else in the class and avoids repetition of instructions and teaching. We ask for every child to be on the school site in order to be registered for 8:50am.  (EYFS & KS1), 8:55am (KS2). Collection at the end of the day is 3:10pm (EYFS & KS1), 3:15pm (KS2)

To report an absence, please call the school number – 01892 528098 – and follow the instructions on how to do this.

Alternatively, please email our Attendance Officer, Rebecca Smith, to report the absence of your child.


Our Attendance Policy can be found on our policies page.