Church links to St Matthews

As a Church of England Primary School we have close links with our local church, St Matt’s in High Brooms.  The Vicar, Rev. Chris Wicks is one of our school Governors and is a regular visitor to the school. During the school year, we hold services in the church to celebrate important events in the church and school calendar.

Our Distinctive Christian Values which permeate throughout the school are:

  • Responsibility,
  • Kindness,
  • Honesty
  • Respect

These values were identified by the Children, Staff, Parents and Governors to be the ones which were felt to be the most significant to our school. These values are reviewed by all stakeholders with other Christian values being addressed in teaching and learning throughout the school year. Each class have selected pupils who are members of our “Leading Lights” group. These children help to lead Worship with School Leaders.

Here is a link to St Matthews CE Church website should you wish to gain any further information about our linked Church:

Here are some photographs that have been taken when our Year One children were working as Vicars!


Year One vicars


Children have shared their ideas on what the value of “Kindness” looks like by referring to stories from the Bible. Children from Year 1 went to visit the Church, they were learning all about the jobs a Vicar does, a baby was Christened with Holy Water!children at church