School Day

The school day starts with registration and lessons begin at 8:55am.

The school gate opens at 8:40am, staff are on duty on the playground at 8:45am and the children are able to come into classes at 8:50am. 

 Children who arrive later than 9:00am will need to be brought to the school office to be signed in for the day. This may result in the children being marked as “late”. We encourage the children to arrive in school on time as this means that they feel settled for the start of their school day and eager to learn with their peers.

The children will be brought out to the playground at the end of the school day. We ask parents to complete a contact list so that staff know who is authorised to collect their children. If parents are late collecting children, they will be taken to the school office where the office staff will ensure that they are picked up.

Many thanks for your support with this.