Year 6

Welcome to the Year 6 page.  This page provides you with everything you will need to know about life in Year 6. We hope you will find it useful, if you have any further questions then please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Year 6 team.


  • 6H – Mrs Howden, Mrs Cawfield
  • 6W – Mrs Walters, Mrs Fogas and Mrs Stammers


Children in year 6 follow the National Curriculum and this sets out the objectives for all of the subjects. The key areas in the curriculum are; maths, English, Science, P.E, History, Geography, Computing, Art & Design, Music, PSHE and RE.  Please refer to the National Curriculum Programmes of Study to see what your child will be learning in Year 6 and also our Curriculum area.


All of our work will focus on a core text.  The children will use this as a stimulus to write poems, stories, letters, news reports and a variety of genres. Reading will focus on the thinking skills real readers need to comprehend and enjoy what they are reading. In Spelling, punctuation and grammar, we will focus on spelling strategies and how sentences can be constructed.


St Matthew’s is a Maths No Problem (Singapore Maths) school. We teach maths following a ‘concrete – pictorial – abstract’ approach through which the children investigate and problem solve. The children are encouraged to explain their thinking and justify their reasoning.


Throughout the year the children will study the Year 6 Programmes of Study. Links are made to the core text when appropriate and relevant.


The children will be using the learn pads, pcs and other computing devices to help them code, research and collect data. Throughout the year children are taught internet safety.


Following the Rochester Diocese programmes of study, the children will explore ‘Big Questions’ through the study of Christianity and Islam.


In year 6 we foster a positive growth mind-set that encourages all children to recognise that we are all leaners and that effort equals reward.  Children are encouraged to step out of their comfort zone and try new things.   We also follow the SEAL scheme which looks at personal responsibility within a community.

We want all children to be ‘secondary ready’ so they have a smooth transition to secondary school.

Geography/History/Art & Design/Music/Design Technology:

The foundation subjects are taught discretely through a creative curriculum. The core text is a basis for all learning and provides a stimulus for the lessons and activities. Through the use of ‘Independent Learning Activities’, children are encouraged to think for themselves and organise their time and resources well.

We are fortunate to have a resident artist at St. Matthew’s who works with the children for a term once a year.


We are lucky to have PE specialists on the staff and all children take part in a range of physical activities.  This means that by the end of year 6 they will have had the opportunity to experience the vast majority of sports that they will encounter in the future. Children have opportunities to represent the school in sporting activities throughout the year.


The year 6 children are given the opportunity to attend a week’s residential towards the end of the year. This helps to foster a growing independence, sense of responsibility, challenge and team work. This year the children will be camping in the Mendips and experiencing activities including snow sports, climbing and abseiling, a night walk and beach combing.

Helping at Home

As always, your support with homework, reading, spellings, CGP times tables recall (up to 12×12) is invaluable and very much appreciated!



This board shows the range of activities the year 6 experienced on the school residential.