Our main objectives are to ensure a secure and relaxed environment for everyone at St Matthew’s and to encourage positive attitudes towards work and appropriate behaviour from the whole school community.

The information below is taken from our behaviour policy.  A copy of this policy can be downloaded from our policy section and a hard copy can  be requested from the school office.

Vision for Behaviour

To ensure that everyone enjoys their time in school a consistent framework for behaviour must be adopted and understood by all adults and children. The main objectives for this behaviour framework are:

  1. To ensure a secure and relaxed environment for everyone, rooted in forgiveness and a detailed understanding of the school’s vision and values.
  2. To encourage positive attitudes towards work, relationship building and understanding of ourselves as people who are growing, learning, facing challenges and achieving.


  • Through overt and continual teaching of the Growth Mindset philosophy, all children are given the opportunity to increase self-esteem and self-discipline.
  • To provide a caring, supportive and stable environment where all children work cooperatively.
  • To nurture respect for and understanding of race, religions and the different ways of life present within the United Kingdom and across the globe.
  • To create and maintain a community rooted in our distinctly Christian values of respect, honesty, kindness and responsibility which enable all pupils to display exemplary moral values and principles.

As a community we strive to provide:

  • A purposeful and positive learning environment rooted in high expectations in all areas of school life
  • An understanding and acceptance of individual need and the whole child
  • A drive towards positive behaviour and attitudes through entirely positive practices that support pupils to ask for (and receive) forgiveness.
  • An understanding that as members of the same community, we all have an important part to play in ensuring that our school remains a positive place to be.
  • An understanding of the need to nurture independent thinking

School Rules

Each of the four school rules will relate to one of the 4 school values: respect, honesty, kindness and responsibility

SR 1: Be respectful to everyone and yourself.

SR2: Be honest and truthful.

SR3: Be kind and helpful to everyone.

SR4: Be a responsible member of the school community.

Classroom rules:

At the beginning of every academic year, each class is expected to set their own classroom rules rooted in an understanding of the whole school vision and values. These classroom rules must be displayed prominently in each classroom and should be reviewed regularly to ensure that all pupils know and understand how the school vision and values underpin every aspect of their time at school.

Rewards and Sanctions

All rewards and sanctions used within school must be transparent, easily understood and easily relatable to our whole school vision and values.


  • Verbal praise
  • The giving of responsibility
  • Written comment in book
  • Work on display or shared with other teachers/pupils
  • House/Dojo points
  • Table points or a similar system that promotes team work
  • Green Cards
  • Bronze (20 green cards), Silver (40 green cards) and Gold (60 green cards) awards.
  • School Values stickers
  • Celebration Worship once a week during which pupils are praised for how well they have embodied the school vision and values.
  • The Headteacher’s Award for a truly stunning piece of work or for when a pupil demonstrates exemplary understanding of the school’s vision and values.


To be effective in supporting pupils to learn from their mistakes, sanctions must be seen to be relevant, fair and consistent. When given a sanction, time must be given to the pupil to ensure that they are supported in seeking and receiving true and complete forgiveness.

Sanctions can only be effective if the relationship between adult and pupil is positive.

These sanctions have been agreed as a community. No further sanctions should be enforced without at first being discussed with a member of the Senior Leadership Team

Sanctions that are appropriate to the age and understanding of the children are agreed  and applied across each phase.


We always work as closely as possible with the parents of any child experiencing behaviour difficulties. Where required, we personalise our rewards and consequence systems to meet the needs of individual pupils and enable them to succeed. We strive to ensure that our children are excited and immersed in their learning, this in itself reduces behaviour issues in class and around the school.

Please click on the link below to read our Governing Body’s Behaviour Principles Statement

Behaviour Principles Written Statement