Sports Day

We had two very successful Sports Days this year. Ridgewaye were the winners in KS2, and Powdermill the winners in KS1. Our Sports Days are all about Teamwork. Children have the opportunity to represent the school in tournaments for all different sports so we focus on our houses working together to gain points towards a winner on our Sports Days.

In KS1, every year group split into their house team and competed to score the most basketballs, most football goals, most beanbag points and most water carried. All the children then raced each other along the running track. It was lovely to see so many parents and friends supporting the children. Thank you must also go to our sports leaders who helped to score and run the events.

In KS2, we had tunnel ball, over and under, beanbag race, obstacle course, zig zag throw, jumping and ball balance as our events, followed by every child racing along the track.We were amazed at the speed of some of our runners. Our House captains and prefects led their teams brilliantly, keeping all the children involved and organising the teams for each event.

A big thank you to Mrs Hookway for organising two fantastic events.