Nourish Donations

We set up tables full of old exercise books, paper, card and pencils this morning in the school car park. We know that home learning can be very difficult to resource and with shops shut at the moment, you can’t just pop out to get more paper! Apart from having to make sure that we had heavy weights to hold down the paper in the wind (after an initial gust blew sheets away as we were setting up!), it all went very well. We set up hand sanitisers and markers so people could queue and observe social distancing safely.

We took the opportunity to collect for Nourish. Front line professionals such as schools, social workers, housing officers, police and health professionals can refer families to Nourish who will then provide much needed food, toiletries and cleaning items. It is not always easy to donate at the moment as many of the places where donations were collected, such as churches, workplaces and schools are closed. Nourish have had almost a 75% increase in referrals during the Covid-19 situation and they are working with Tunbridge Wells Borough Council’s COVID Response Team to make sure that no one in crisis goes without food during this difficult time. We were delighted then to see such a generous amount collected in just one morning.

Thank You everyone.