Year 6 Residential Day 2

What a full day we’ve had today, which for most of us started far too early! It was a very windy and wet night and although the children went off to sleep quite well, they woke early and kept others awake (including the teachers!).

Even though it rained very heavily last night, we’ve been lucky today in that we’ve just had a bit of drizzle. However the deluge last night meant that the sluice gate on the river had to be opened meaning that the groups doing canoeing weren’t able to do so. The great staff at Mendips re-organised the day incredibly well and the children got the chance to go caving and saw some fantastic natural formations in the limestone. Also on today was the assault course, which was very muddy (especially when one activity was to paint the face of your partner in mud!), Egg drop (which involved groups working together to build a contraption that could be dropped off the height of the barrier and keep an egg intact), Rock climbing & abseiling (not easy in the wind!) and bushcraft. There are a few pictures of last night’s  games activities as well which culminated in the two winning teams having a challenge to untangle themselves.