Godly Play at St Matthew’s Church of England Primary

Children throughout the school show high levels of engagement during “Godly play” which is led by Claire Wells, our Godly Play  lead teacher. These sessions provide opportunities for spiritual reflection in a calm and nurturing environment. Below are some examples of the wonderful learning which the children have been involved in. All of these sessions are very creative and “hands on” giving the children a good opportunity to discuss their understanding of key messages from the Bible. The children are able to relate these to their own lives, for those children who follow different faiths, they are able to reflect on their own beliefs.

Our latest pictures. You may notice Pudsey came to visit to support our fundraising efforts for Children in Need.


img_0145             img_0149             img_0162

img_0165             img_0173

Children have been creating displays with Claire which focus on the Christian Calendar. There have been many thought provoking areas created, children have  been keen to record their ideas on the displays and often left prayers to share with others.

The Christian Values at St Matthew’s CE Primary School as reflected in one of our Year 5 classrooms.