St Matthew’s are really pleased to be able to share with you our SIAMs inspection report.

Thanks go to the whole school community for the team effort to demonstrate all we do well at St Matthew’s. The outcome of the Inspection is what we wished for and states:

‘The inspection findings indicate that St Matthew’s High Brooms Church of England Primary School is living up to its foundation as a Church school.’

It is lovely to see the following written about our school.

There is a tangible culture of kindness and focus on wellbeing, treating everyone a unique individual. This ensures all are nurtured within the school.

The school is driven by the words of the vision that all are God’s children and truly loved. Carefully planned support for pupils, especially those considered to be vulnerable, ensures all have the opportunity to fulfil their potential.

St Matthew’s is a school driven by the strong desire that everyone is supported to fulfil their God-given potential.

School values of respect, honesty, responsibility and kindness are intrinsically woven through the vision. Pupils rightly explain how these values support everyone to thrive.

There is a strong focus on providing rich experiences in order to widen horizons. This was evident in the numbers of pupils who talked excitedly about visits to The Lion King and Drusilla’s.

Pupils are eager to show they care for God’s world.

SIAMS report St Matthew’s High Brooms Church of England Primary School