Year 6 Residential

The year 6 children had a fabulous week at Mendip Outdoor Activity Centre in June 2022. They started the week with teambuilding challenges and from then on, it was a full programme of activities every day. They were challenged and encouraged to try something new, whilst all the time being supported by the Mendip Instructors. For some children (and staff), it was their first time camping and they soon got used to living under canvas including daily tent inspections! The food was great and hungry children tucked in to a full cooked breakfast, a picnic lunch and a hot dinner every night. Hot chocolate and marshmellows were also a late night treat.

In the evening, the went on night walks, down to the beach, played wide games and finished with a campfire. The children thoroughly enjoyed their week, although they were looking forward to a nice long bath or shower when they got home!.

We were so impressed with their resilience, perseverance and teamwork. Stars of the day were awarded and we celebrated birthdays with cake and singing. A super week and one they won’t forget.