School Council

We have a strong an active School Council which consists of a group of students who have been elected by our classes to represent the views of the pupils and raise issues with the Senior Leadership, Children, Governors and Staff at St Matthews CE Primary. Mrs Cheesman leads this group with the children, they meet at least once every two weeks and discuss important issues raised by either the children or the staff at St Matthews CE Primary.


The School Council are involved in important decision making, for example, they:

  • take forward initiatives and projects on behalf of the pupils
  • are involved in supporting the School Improvement Plan
  • help improve teaching and learning
  • are involved in staff appointments

The School Council aims to:

  • To ensure the Senior Management Team and Governors responds to the views of all the pupils
  • To have an opportunity to let teachers know our feelings and opinions
  • To have a say in decisions that affect pupils in the school
  • To play an active role in making St Matthews CE Primary School a better place
  • To help all pupils at St Matthews CE Primary School enjoy their education and feel safe being in school

To uphold the distinctive Christian characteristics of the school of Honesty, Kindness, Respect and Responsibility, providing a positive role model to other children in the class.