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Yr 3/4 Kent Champions 2017

On Wednesday 28th June we had the most successful day of sport in the history of the school. In the morning the Year 2 Infant Agility team represented the Tunbridge Wells area in the Kent School Games Infant Agility Finals in Gillingham. The team consisted of Lilly, Niamh, Lucy, Freya, Ateefa, Oliver, Charlie, Harrison, Ryan G & Aiden and they all gave 100% effort and determination winning the competition by 45 points from 16 other schools from around Kent. The whole team was incredible but there were some outstanding individual performances from Freya who produced 56 speed bounces, Charlie who jumped 1 meter 80 in the long jump & Oliver who threw over 16 meters in the javelin. The Year 3/4 athletics team arrived just in time to cheer and celebrate with the Year 2 team and it was a wonderful moment for us all.
We were still on a high when the Year 3/4 competition began and we got off to a flying start winning the first two relays. The team consisted of Nikola, Ella, Demi, Olivia, Erin, Lilly, Nicola, Humairaa, Abbie, Aysha, Daisy, Petroc, Henry, Dominic, Theo, Riley, Freddie-Jay, Charlie, Joe, Nikki, Jake, Freddie-Lee & James and the success continued throughout the competition. There were some outstanding individual performances from Nikola & Petroc who both threw 7 meters in the chest push, Freddie-Jay who jumped 55 speed bounces, Demi who jumped 10 meters in the 5 strides & Daisy who jumped 50cm in the vertical jump. We then waited for the announcement of the results and there was overwhelming joy when were declared Kent Champions for the second time in one day. It was a truly wonderful day and we were totally overwhelmed by the grit and fighting spirit that all the children showed. The whole school is incredibly proud of both teams, so a huge well done to each and every child you were AMAZING!!!!!
20170628_160355 20170628_122306
On Tuesday 27th June St Matthew’s represented the Tunbridge Wells area in the Kent School Games Final Tri-Golf competition in Canterbury. The team consisted of Lilly, Erin, Amelia, Abigail, Becca, Daniel, Jack, Dominic, Joe & Charlie and the children had to complete 10 different activities testing their putting and chipping skills. This was a huge achievement to even make the finals and the children all played really well finishing in 7th place out of 16 schools a result they should be really proud of.
On Friday 23rd June St Matthew’s took part in the Ashford Leisure Trust Athletics Festival at the Julie Rose Stadium in  Ashford. The team consisted of Eleanor, Saarah, Caitlin, Charli, Nikola, Olivia, Ethan, Jamie, Munashe, Luka, Evan and Henry and all of the children had to do a run, a jump, a throw & a relay. There were 24 schools taking part from all over Kent and St Matthew’s produced one of the best team performances we’ve seen all year, finishing in 3rd place. There were some spectacular individual performances from the long jumpers where Eleanor jumped 2 meters 40cm, Nikola jumped 2 meters 10cm, Munashe jumped 2 meters 25cm & Henry jumped 2 meters 20 cm. All these distances were personal bests and the furthest distances we’ve seen this year. Caitlin threw an amazing 35 meters 85 cm in the vortex , Luka and Olivia did brilliantly in the speed bounces recording 54 & 52, Eleanor threw a huge 30 meter hammer throw and Saarah & Evan jumped two incredible jumps in the triple jump recording 6 meters 10 cm and 6 meters. Special mentions need to be given to Nikola, Olivia and Henry who are Yr 4 children but were competing in a Yr 5/6 competition, meaning they were against children 2 years older than them. All three of them were brilliant showing how talented they are and we are very excited to see them competing over the next couple of years. Huge congratulations to all the children that took part you were truly wonderful and it was a great finale to the athletics season.
On Tuesday 20th June St Matthew’s represented the Tunbridge Wells area in the Kent School Games Finals for gymnastics at the Peagusus Gymnastics Centre in Maidstone. Our team consisted of Lena, Charlie, Georgia and Lily S and there were 21 different teams taking part from all over Kent. The children had to perform a body management routine, a floor exercise routine and a vault routine. The marks were out of 30 for the three combined routines and Lena scored 24.25, Charlie scored 24.30, Georgia scored 24.6 and Lily scored our highest marks with 25.25. We were really proud of all four children as this is the first year we have ever entered the gymnastics event so to qualify for a Kent Final and to finish 14th out of 21 schools is a superb effort.
On Thursday 15th June St Matthew’s took part in the Inter schools Handball Tournament at Hayesbrook School. This is the first time this event has ever taken place so it was a new experience for all the teams taking part. Our team consisted of Eleanor, Saarah, Caitlin, Luka, Munashe, Harley, Oliver, Evan & Jamie. It was an incredibly hot day but everyone played really well. They won their first game 4-1 against Goudhurst, the 2nd game was won 5-4 against Woodlands, the 3rd game was won 4-1 against St Peters and then they lost the 4th game 1-4 to St James. This was a great performance and the team finished in 3rd place overall.
On Wednesday afternoon, 14th June St Matthew’s won the Year 3/4 Pentathlon at Tonbridge School. The team consisted of Abbie, Humairaa, Nikodem, Martha, Theo, George, Freddie-Jay, Jake, Jessica, Aysha, Charlie, Dominic, Erin, Nikola, Demi, Ella, Petroc, Ben, Olivia, Nicola & Henry. The whole team was absolutely fantastic finishing with an overall score of 160 points, seven points more than 2nd. There were some outstanding performances from Demi who jumped a huge distance in the 5 strides, Humairaa in the long jump and Petroc in the javelin. Many of the children achieved level 5, which is the highest level they can reach and we were incredibly proud of the whole team.
On Wednesday morning, 14th June St Matthew’s took part in the Year 1/2 Pentathlon at Tonbridge School. The team finished in 2nd place and consisted of Eloise, Olivia, Freya G, Leah, Florence, JJ, Justin, Archie, Logan, Callum, Freya B, Lena, Niamh, Ateefa, Lucy, Lilly S, Charlie, Oliver, Harrison, Harvey, Jack & Ryan G. It was the first a lot of the children had competed for the school and they all did extremely well. Some stand out performances came from Eloise in the Yr 1 girls 60 meter sprint & Harvey and Oliver in the Yr 2 boys Javelin.
On Thursday 25th May St Matthew’s took part in the inter schools Tri-Golf tournament at Tonbridge golf centre and the team consisted of Lilly, Becca, Abigail, Amelia, Erin, Dominic, Joe, Daniel, Jack and Charlie. It was lovely to have some children in the team who hadn’t represented the school before and there was great excitement amongst all the children. They had to do 10 different activities which lasted 8 minutes each and they included putting and chipping skills. There was some brilliant skills shown by Lilly, Charlie and Jack, who scored a large amount of points on each activity but all the team played really well winning the tournament with 969 points which was 230 points more then second place. It was a fantastic afternoon in the sunshine and St Matthew’s now go forward to represent the Tunbridge Wells area in the Kent School Games Golf Finals in Canterbury on June 27th.
20170525_162156 20170525_160319
On Wednesday 17th May St Matthew’s took part in the Year 5/6 inter schools pentathlon at Tunbridge Wells Rugby Club. The team consisted of Chloe, Jasmine, Kamilla, Nellie, Tara, Rhianna, Munashe, Luka, Liam, Ethan, Zak, Eleanor, Saarah, Charli, Caitlin, Evan, Harley, Jamie, Harvey, Ian and Aarron. The team was absolutely fantastic coming equal first with Claremont with a score of 160 points and 11 out of the 21 children scored a level 5 standard, which was the highest level possible. There were some outstanding performances from Munashe in the Year 5 boys Long jump, Triple jump and 60 meter sprint, where he scored 5 level 5 standards.The whole team trained so hard for this event and it definitely paid off and we are incredibly proud of each and every one of you for retaining the winning trophy.
On Wednesday 10th May St Matthew’s took part in the Olympic Legacy athletics competition at Tonbridge School. The team consisted of Nikola, Nicola, Erin, Demi, Abbie, Humairaa, Ella, Becca, Henry, Harry, James, Dominic, Charlie, Joe, Theo & Franek. There were some superb performances especially from Demi who jumped an incredible 10 meters 30 cm in the 5 strides, which was a schools record. Erin also gave her all in the 600 meters finishing in 3rd place and Abbie and Ella ran really well winning both their 75 meters sprints. St Matthew’s won virtually all the field events and out of 12 schools finished in 2nd place. Another wonderful day of athletics from a great team.
On Saturday 6th May, St Matthew’s took part in the Tunbridge Wells Primary Schools football tournament at Hawkenbury Astro. The team did extremely well: Won 2, drew 2, lost 1. This gave us second place in the group and a place in the semi-finals. In the semi, we played St Augustine’s, which had been a 3-3 thriller of a game in the round, however neither team could score in the semi, so it went to penalties. After 3 penalties a piece, sudden death penalties were played and unfortunately St Matthew’s lost. Great sportsmanship and teamwork was shown throughout the whole morning. Well Done.
DSCF5886 DSCF5889 DSCF5891 DSCF5892 DSCF5893
On Wednesday 3rd May St Matthew’s took part in the Primary Tag Rugby Festival at Tunbridge Wells Rugby Club and the team consisted of Eleanor, Saarah, Sheima, Scarlett, Evan, Arthur, Saihaan, Ethan, Luka and Munashe. The weather was horrendous with lashing rain and really cold temperatures and all the teams really struggled to play in the conditions, slipping and sliding on the wet grass. The rules of tag rugby have been changed this year by the Rugby Football Union and all competitions have to be fair play awards, which means the scores are irrelevant and the teams are judged on sportsmanship, respect, determination, good supporters and quality of play. St Matthews won 1 game and drew 3 and each referee marked the team on the fair play values deeming them the overall winners of the tournament out of 20 other teams. We were incredibly proud of the children because not only did they display the required values they also played some exceptionally good rugby.
On Tuesday 2nd May St Matthew’s took part in the Mini Tennis Tournament at Tunbridge Wells Sports Centre. The A team consisted of Dominic & Charlie, and the B team consisted of Nikola A and Nikola S. The A team won 3 out of their 4 games and the B team won 2 out of their 4 games. They all played really well but unfortunately missed the semi finals by 1 point which was a shame as they all showed some really good skills.
On Thursday 27th April a Year 2 team and a Year 5 team took part in the Key Steps Gymnastics Festival at the NDGA arena. This was the first time St Matthew’s had taken part in this competition and our Year 2 team consisted of Lena, Charlie, Georgia, Lilly, and the Year 5 team consisted of Jasmine, Marta, Keaton and Caoimhe. Each child had to do a floor routine, a body management routine and a vault exercise. All the scores were added together to get an overall team score. The Year 2 team completed their routines brilliantly with very few mistakes and they finished in 2nd place, which came as a real shock, only 1.6 marks behind first place. This means they now go forward to represent the Tunbridge Wells area at the Kent School Games Final in June.
The Year 5 team also competed really well finishing in 3rd place, only 0.1 marks behind 2nd and 0.4 marks behind first place. We  were really impressed with all the children who took part and considering it was our first time at this competition the results were superb.


Year 2 team

Year 2 team

On Wednesday 29th March St Matthew’s took part in the final race of the cross country season at Hever Castle. The course was pretty tough with very bumpy ground and a really tough hill. All the children ran really well especially Abbie who finished in 5th place in the Year 3/4 Girls race and Joe who finished in 8th place in Year 3.4 Boys race. Its been a great season and the children have shown real determination and given 100% in each race. The results were as follows:
Abbie 5th
Erin 21st
Humairaa 27th
3/4 BOYS
Joe 8th
Jack 31st
Eleanor 26th
Ellie 29th
5/6 BOYS
Jamie 19th
Munashe 35th
Kieran 36th
20170329_155433 20170329_161143 20170329_161400 20170329_162525
On Wednesday 22nd March 2 teams from St Matthew’s took part in the Year 5/6 Hockey Festival at Tonbridge School. The A team consisted of Caitlin, Ellie, Saarah, Jamie, Ethan, Harley, Evan, Arthur, Luka and Munashe and the B team consisted of Eleanor, Sheima, Lottie, Harvey, Gethin, Zach, Saihaan and Jimmy. The weather was absolutely horrendous with heavy rain and very cold temperatures but despite this both teams played really well. The A team finished 5th in their league out of 10 teams with some great defending from Evan, Arthur and Ellie. The B team managed to get to the semi finals in their league but unfortunately lost on a penalty shoot out by 1 goal. The stand out player in this team was Gethin who showed some very impressive defending.
A team

A team

B Team

B Team

On Thursday 16th March Abbie, Joe and Kieran took part in the inter schools cross country race at Sommehill School in Tonbridge. Both Abbie and Joe started strongly in their respective races and remained in the top ten runners all the way through the race. The distance was 1100 meters, a lot further than they normally run, so this made their performances even more impressive. Abbie finished in 8th place in the Yr 3/4 girls race and Joe finished in 6th place in the Yr 3/4 boys race. Kieran also ran really well finishing 52nd in a long, highly competitive Yr 5/6 boys race.
On Thursday 9th March St Matthew’s took part in the inter schools cross country race at Penshurst Place. The team consisted of Abbie, Humairaa, Erin, Joe, Jack, Ellie, Kieran and Ben. There was a brilliant run from Abbie who finished in 6th place in the Year 3/4 girls race and  from Joe who finished in 8th place in the Year 3/4 boys race. All the children ran so well and the results were as follows:
Yr 3/4 Girls Race
Abbie 6th
Erin 25th
Humairaa 28th
Yr 3/4 Boys Race
Joe 8th
Jack 48th
Yr 5/6 Girls race
Ellie 27th
Yr 5/6 Boys race
Ben 35th
Kieran 37th
20170309_160902 20170309_161625 20170309_164144
On Tuesday 21st February our Yr 3/4 athletics team became champions in the Inter Schools Yr 3/4 Indoor Athletics competition. The team consisted of Ella, Lilly, Olivia, Erin, Nikola, Abbie, Humairaa, Demi, Daisy, Tinashe, Charlie, Nikoderm, Henry, Dominic, Theo, Freddie-Jay, James and Jake. The children had all trained so hard for this competition and it certainly paid off. They each had to do 2 running relays and a 2 jumping or throwing events. There were some spectacular performances from Abbie & Humairaa in the 2 x 2 lap relay & from Nikoderm, Henry, James & Charlie in the boys 4 x 1 lap relay; the speed of their running was incredible. There were 12 relays in total and St Matthew’s won 8 of them. Freddie-Jay & Demi both jumped an incredible 9 metres in the 5 strides and Theo threw over 13 metres in the javelin. This was probably one of the most talented teams we’ve ever had and their enthusiasm and determination really shone through. The team managed to amass a total of 358 points, 34 points ahead of second place. Well done to each and every one of you we are very proud and St Matthew’s have now won the indoor athletics competitions for every year group.
During the evening of Wednesday 22nd February St Matthew’s took part in the Inter Schools Swimming Gala at Tunbridge Wells Sports Centre. This was a first for us as we haven’t managed to enter a team in this competition for over 15 years. There was great excitement from all the children taking part as well as from Mrs Hookway and Mr Dodd. The team consisted of Eleanor, Sheima, Jasmine, Marta, Summer, Niamh, Arthur, Evan, Harley, Ethan, Hamish, Ewan & Keaton. We took part in the B league as we were new to the competition and there were 6 other schools competing against us. There was a stand out performances from Arthur who won the Yr 6 boys breast stroke race in great style. All of the children gave 100% and it was lovely to see them all smiling and feeling super proud of themselves. St Matthew’s finished in 4th place overall, a huge achievement. Well done everyone.
The race results were as follows:
Niamh 4th Yr 5 Girls freestyle
Keaton 5th Yr 5 Boys freestyle
Summer 2nd Yr 6 Girls freestyle
Hamish 2nd Yr 6 Boys breaststroke
Marta 5th Yr 5 Girls breaststroke
Ewan 6th Yr 5 Boys breaststroke
Eleanor 2nd Yr 6 Girls breaststroke
Arthur 1st Yr 6 Boys breaststroke
Jasmine 4th Yr 5 Girls backstroke
Ethan 4th Yr 5 Boys backstroke
Sheima 2nd Yr 6 Girls backstroke
Harley 3rd Yr 6 Boys backstroke.
2nd in Girls freestyle relay
4th in mixed medley relay.


Eleanor & Evan receiving St Matthew's team trophy

Eleanor & Evan receiving St Matthew’s team trophy

On Saturday 11th February Eleanor and Saarah were part of the Kent team that won the Southern Inter Counties Indoor Athletics Championships in Burgess Hill. It was a fantastic competition with some very talented children making up the Kent team. Eleanor jumped brilliantly in the triple jump recording a distance of 5 metres 80 cm and 6 metres 75 cm in the chest push. Saarah also competed really well recording 7 metres 50 cm in the chest push and 48 cm in the vertical jump. They were also in the obstacle and hurdles relay. The competition was against Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire, Oxfordshire, Surrey and Sussex and the whole team were fantastic winning by 15 points from second place. St Matthew’s are so proud to have two girls who are talented enough to be selected for a Kent team, it is such a huge achievement, so very well done girls.
20170211_114759 20170211_144554
On Wednesday 8th February St Matthew’s represented the Tunbridge Wells area in the Kent School Games Yr 5/6 indoor athletics Final in Gillingham. There were 14 teams taking part and we finished in the 4th place, which was a spectacular performance especially as this was the first time we have qualified for the competition. The team consisted of Eleanor, Saarah, Caitlin, Sheima, Lottie, Dotty, Samanatha, Nellie, Charli, Ellie M, Ellie D, Jamie, Harley, Evan, Aiden, Ethan, Ben, Luka, Munashe, Max B and Zach. The competition was a very high standard but we still managed to produce some brillianr performances. Munashe jumped 2 meters 10cm in the boys standing long jump, Saarah threw 7 meters 50cm in the chest push and Eleanor jumped 5 meters 85 cm in the triple jump and 60 speed bounces. The whole team were fantastic and really did St Matthew’s proud in our first Kent Final.
On Thursday 2nd February St Matthew’s represented the Tunbridge Wells area at the Kent School Games Basketball Finals in Gillingham. The team consisted of Munashe, Luka, Jamie, Harley, Evan, Eleanor, Saarah, Ellie, Lottie and Caitlin.They played 6 games in the group stages winning four of them convincingly and there was some superb shooting from Caitlin, Eleanor and Munashe, great defensive play from Harley, Evan and Saarah and Jamie, Luka, Ellie and Lottie supported play well out on the wings. They finished third in their group stage and then progressed to play Ashford for 5th place over all. This was a superb game with some genius play from Munashe, who scored an incredible basket after dribbling around several of the opposition.
We were incredibly proud of the whole team as they finished 5th out of 14 teams, which is a superb performance for their first time in a Kent Final.
On Thursday 19th January St Matthew’s became champions at the Infant Agility competition for the second year running. The team consisted of Freya, Lucy, Eleanor, Niamh, Ateefa, Oliver, Charlie, Harrison, Aiden and Ryan. The children had to do 5 activities including, speed bounce, skittles, shuttle run, long jump and chest push and they all performed amazingly well. They had practised every lunchtime for 3 weeks and their dedication really paid off today. They will now progress to the Kent School Games Final in June. Well done to each and every one of you.
On Sunday 15th January Eleanor, Saarah, Caitlin and Evan took part in the Kent Schools indoor Decathlon Championships in Ashford. There were 155 children taking part and all four children performed superbly well. Eleanor was the real star of the show winning 9 out her 10 events and winning the girls competition overall with 523 points, 43 points ahead of second place. She will now represent Kent in the Inter Counties competition on 11th February. Saarah achieved 4th place and gained the highest vertical jump of 51 cm out of all the girls. Caitlin finished in 8th place throwing the longest javelin throw of the competition and Evan finished in 13th place after a very solid performance. Well done to all the children you once again did St Matthew’s proud.
On Thursday 12th January St Matthew’s became Champions for the first time ever at the 5/6 Indoor Athletics Festival at the Angel Centre in Tonbridge. It was an absolutely wonderful day with all eighteen children performing to an incredibly high standard and winning many of the events that they took part in. The team consisted of Eleanor, Saarah, Caitlin, Sheima, Lottie, Dotty, Samantha, Nellie, Charli, Jamie, Harley, Evan, Aiden, Ethan, William, Ben, Luka & Munashe. Each child had to take part in two field events and two running relays. There were some amazing performances including a 6 metre 10 cm triple jump from Eleanor, a 1 metre 12 cm vertical jump from Ben, a 57 speed bounce from Jamie and a 7 metre chest push from Saarah. Caitlin and Eleanor also won  the 2 x 2 relay and both the 4 x 1 girls and boys relay teams won. Each and every child was superb and the whole school is incredibly proud of them.
On Friday 2nd December St Matthew’s took part in the 5 a side football tournament at Sevenoaks School. The team consisted of Caitlin, Harry, Jamie, Luka, Munashe, Harley, Jimmy and Riley. All the children played well but there were some exceptional performances from Harry who played in goal, making some fantastic saves and Caitlin who won best player of the tournament, not only for scoring 4 goals in one game, but for being one of only two girls playing in the competition.
20161202_145612 20161202_161006
On Wednesday 30th November our 5/6 basketball team played in the playoffs against Collier Green School, the winners from the Cranbrook area, to determine who represents the Tunbridge Wells area in the Kent School Games final on 2nd February 2017 in Gillingham. The team yet again consisted of Eleanor, Saarah, Caitlin, Luka, Jamie and Evan and they played fantastically well winning the final 10-2. We are so proud of this team as this will be only the second time St Matthew’s School has taken part in a Kent School Games Final. Well done each and every one of you.
On Monday 14th November St Matthew’s A team became Champions at the inter schools basketball tournament at Skinners School. The team consisted of Eleanor, Saarah, Caitlin, Jamie, Luka and Evan. They played four games winning them all as follows; 10-0 against St James’ B, 18-4 against Bishops Down A, 18-0 against Broadwater and 10-2 against Langton A. The team then progressed to the Semi Finals where they unfortunately had to play the St Matthew’s B team but they won again 14-2. They came up against St James’ A team in the final, who have won the tournament for the past 3 years. It was a really closely fought game finishing 3-3 but as St Matthew’s scored the first basket they were deemed champions.
The B team also did really well winning all their group stage games. The team consisted of Harley, Arthur, Saihaan, Oliver, Ellie, Sheima and Lottie. Their scores were as follows; 16-4 against Speldhurst A, 12-4 against St Peter’s B, 16-2 against Southborough and 14-0 against Langton B.
 A fantastic start to this years sporting calendar and a huge well done to all the children who took part you made us all very proud of you.
Basketball A team Champions

A team Champions

B Team

B Team

On Saturday 12th November Abbie in Yr 3 took part in the Kent Schools Cross Country Championships at Detling showground. The weather was horrendous with lashing rain, high winds and freezing cold temperatures. Abbie had the race of her life over 1000 meters, leading the race till over half way and finishing in 5th place in a time of 5 minutes and 46 seconds. She was also the first finisher from the whole of the South West Kent area being beaten by four children from Private schools in Ashford. This was an incredible achievement and it makes us very excited for her future runs. Well done Abbie
abbie-result 20161114_100018-1
St Matthew’s have been incredibly lucky as two new sports kits have been bought for the school. Richard Paine who owns Compass Garage Trade and Mr Rowden (Abbie & Kieran’s dad) who owns Store 2 Door company have very kindly donated the funds for the new kit. As you can see in the photos above the children look so smart and really feel like a proper team. A huge thank you to both companies for their generosity it is greatly appreciated.
On Wednesday 2nd November St Matthew’s took part in the Inter Schools Cross Country race at Eridge Park. It was an incredibly difficult course with a long steep hill to finish but all the children ran really well showing real grit and determination. I was incredibly proud of all the children and how hard they worked. The results were as follows:
Year 3/4 Girls
Abbie 9th
Erin 23rd
Year 3/4 Boys
Joe 14th
Year 5/6 Boys
Jamie 13th
Luka 15th
Munashe 27th
Kieran 33rd
On Thursday 20th October St Matthew’s took part in the Inter Schools Cross Country race at Tunbridge Wells Rugby Club. There were good performances from Joe in the Year 3/4 boys race where he finished in his highest position so far in 11th place and Jamie in the Year 5/6 boys race where he finished 17th. There were also several children who were competing for the school for the first time and they did themselves proud. The results were as follows:
Year 3/4 Girls
Abbie 12th
Erin 16th (1st race)
Alana 48th (1st race)
Humairaa 49th (1st race)
Year 3/4 Boys
Joe 11th (Personal best)
Jack 32nd (Personal best)
Year 5/6 Girls
Ellie 34th (Personal best)
Year 5/6 Boys
Jamie 17th (Personal best)
Luka 25th
Kieran 26th
Gethin 31st (Personal best)
Ben 33rd (Personal best)
Munashe 34th
Aaron 49th (1st race)
Archie 59th


On Friday 14th October the football team took part in the West Kent Schools sevens tournament at Hawkenbury Astro pitch. Unfortunately the team was put in a group against some of the best teams in the competition , which led to a defeat in their first two games. They did however manage a 2-0 win against Brenchly and Matfield with two good goals from Jamie and Harley. There was a valiant effort from James in goal who made some superb saves throughout the competition.
Year 3/4 Hockey Tournament
On Monday 10th October three teams from St Matthew’s took part in the inter schools hockey tournament at Tunbridge Wells Girls Grammar School.
The A team consisted of Preston, Harry, Tinashe, Olivia, Becca & Amelia. They played really well finishing 2nd in their group with the following results;
St Matt’s A 3 Bishops Down 0
St Matt’s A 1 St John’s B 0
St Matt’s A 0 Broadwater 1
St Matt’s A 1 Claremont C 1
St Matt’s A Rusthall B 0
The B team consisted of Charlie, Bailey, Joe, Lilly, Ella & Erin. They also played well finishing 3rd in their group with the following results;
St Matt’s B St James’ C 0
St Matt’s B 6 Bidborough A 0
St Matt’s B Claremont A 3
St Matt’s B St John’s A 1
St Matt’s B Southborough B 0
The C team consisted of Matthew, Henry, Jack, Demi, Chelsey & Freya and they also finished 3rd in their group with the following results;
St Matt’s C St Bidborough B 0
St Matt’s C St Peter’s B 1
St Matt’s C St James’ B 2
St Matt’s C 1  Southborough A 1
St Matt’s C Rusthall A 0

C Team

A Team

A Team


B Team

On Friday 7th October twelve children took part in the inter schools cross country race at Somerhill School. There was an amazing performance from Abbie in Year 3 who finished 5th in the Yr 3/4 girls race but it was made even more special as the 4 girls in front of her were all a year older than her. Another great performance came from Joe in Year 4 who finished 15th in the Year 3/4 boys race and Jamie in Year 6 finished 24th in the Year 5/6 boys race. All the children performed really well and their finishing positions are as follows;
Yr 3/4 girls
Abbie 5th
Year 3/4 boys
Joe 15th
Charlie 61st
Year 5/6 girls
Ellie 81st
Year 5/6 boys
Jimmy 51st
Gethin 72nd
Kieron 73rd
Ben 75th
William 110th
Zach 135th
Archie 151st
Huge congratulations to Dominic in 4TW who won the silver medal last week at the European Karate Championships in Rotterdam, Holland. Dominic had a fantastic competition finishing in second place in the age 8-9 Years competition, making his school, family and coach extremely proud of him.
On Wednesday 13th September we were very lucky to be invited to a triathlon at Hever Castle. It was an incredibly hot day and there were many challenges set for the children to try. The St Matthew’s team consisted of Gethin, Evan, Harley, Hamish and Eleanor and their first challenge was a 1.3 mile run through woodland. They then moved onto the swim section which should have been an open swim of 200 meters in the lake but unfortunately the toxin levels were dangerously high and the swim was cancelled. They were however taught by Barney Gray, a Great Britain Triathlete, to enter and exit the water and remove their wetsuits at speed. the third challenge was the transition between swimming and cycling and the children learnt how to remove their swimming goggles and hats, put on their shoes and mount a bike. This was quite tricky for them but after several attempts they were able to change at speed. During the afternoon session the children were able to have a go at archery and play in the water maze. This was followed by a tour of the castle, a calligraphy lesson and a treasure hunt. It was a wonderful day and the children all had a fabulous time.




On Thursday 7th July, nine children from St Matthew’s attended the Key stage 1 Olympic multi skills carnival at Tunbridge Wells Rugby Club. All the schools represented different countries and we were Australia. It was a wonderful occasion and the children marched around the ground dressed in their countries colours, waving flags and carrying Olympic torches that each school had made. Each school took sports leaders who designed different activities for the children to take part in. There was lots of laughing and smiling and all the children had a fantastic time.
On Wednesday 6th July St Matthew’s took part in an Olympic celebration competition at Tunbridge Wells Sports Center. Two children from each year group were selected and the team consisted of Charlie & Lucy  (Yr 1), Abbie & Freddie Jay (Yr 2), Erin & Charlie (Year 3), Ellie & Luka (Yr 4), Eleanor & Jamie (Yr 5) and Kyra & Ratthaphum (Yr 6). Each child did three activities and their scores for each were added together. Gold, silver & bronze medals were awarded to the child with the highest score in each year group. 10 out of the 12 St Matthew’s children won gold medals and the team also won the overall competition by 55 points. The whole team was amazing, producing some spectacular performances. Well done to each and every one of you, you did St Matthew’s proud again!!
20160706_122335 (1)

On Friday 1st July many schools around Tunbridge Wells took part in an Olympic torch relay to celebrate the Rio Olympics that begin in August. Each school made their own torch and St Matthew’s ran theirs to St John’s School, who in turn ran theirs to Bishop’s Down School who then ran theirs back to St Matthew’s. All our children lined a route around the playgrounds and cheered and clapped as two Year 6 children from Bishop’s Down  were led around by two of our star athletes, Humairaa and Charlie. It was a wonderful occasion and it was lovely to see all the schools celebrating together.


Bishop’s Down bring their torch to St Matthew’s


St Matthew’s children celebrate with St John’s School


St Matthew’s are led around St John’s School


Humaarai and Charlie lead Bishop’s Down around the playgrounds

On Thursday 30th June St Matthew’s had an incredible morning at the Kent School Finals for the Infant Agility. The team consisted of Jake, Freddie-Jay, Nikodem, Charlie,Theo, Abbie, Martha, Venus, Aysha & Humairaa and they had already beaten all the schools in Tunbridge Wells to qualify for the Kent Finals. There were 15 schools competing in the finals at Canterbury University and we finished an incredible 3rd place. All the children performed so well but some outstanding performances came from Abbie, Theo and Humairaa in the speed bounce, recording 51, 56 & 53 bounces in 20 seconds which a truly amazing performance. Also Theo threw 15 meters in the Javelin, and in the standing long jump Abbie and Humairaa achieved 1 metre 70cm which is incredible for their age.
Congratulations to each and every one of the children you were all superb and made everyone at St Matthew’s very proud of you.
Following the Year 1/2 Pentathlon performance in the morning was the Year 3/4 Pentathlon in the afternoon and 23 more children came to represent St Matthew’s. The team consisted of Nicola, Nikola,, Erin, Lily, Demi, Harry, Liam, Ben, James, Dominic, Tinashe, Liam, Felix, Zac, Munashe, Luka, Chloe, Rhianna, Nellie, Frankie, Holly, Tara and Ellie. Again there were some exceptional performances and 8 children achieved a level 5 standard. The outstanding performances came from Luka and Munashe in the Year 4 boys 60m sprint and Demi and Nikola in the Year 3 girls five strides and Long jump. All the children performed incredibly well and they finished in 2nd place only 5 points behind the winners, and beating 11 other teams.
We had an absolutely fabulous day of athletics and St Matthew’s children really put our school’s name on the map today. Congratulations to each and every one of you.
On Wednesday 15th June St Matthew’s became champions for the first time in the inter schools Year 1/2 Pentathlon at Tonbridge School beating 13 other teams. The team consisted of Harvey, Harrison, Oliver, Charlie, Aiden, Lilly, Nicola, Lucy, Ateefa, Lena, George, Freddie-Jay, Theo, Nikki, Jake, Aysha, Venus, Martha, Abbie and Humairaa. It was a wonderful morning with some very impressive performaces with 9 children achieving level 5 performances which was the highest level possible. Outstanding performances came from Abbie in the Year 2 girls 60m sprint and the 5 strides, Harvey in the Year 1 boys javelin and chest push, Lucy in the Year 1 girls 60m sprint and Charlie in the Year 1 boys long jump and 5 strides. The whole team trained hard giving up their lunchtimes to practise and we are incredibly proud of each and every one of you.