Year 6 Residential Day 3

The Year 6s and teachers are already up and running with this morning’s activities. Bushcraft is keeping them totally absorbed, in particular fire lighting. Breakfast went down well, as they are building up a good appetite each day! Also shown are the stars of the day from yesterday. I’m sure it’s hard for them to choose who should be awarded certificates.

IMG-20170524-WA0000 IMG-20170524-WA0001 IMG-20170524-WA0002
IMG-20170524-WA0004 IMG-20170524-WA0005 IMG-20170524-WA0006 IMG-20170524-WA0007

IMG-20170524-WA0024 IMG-20170524-WA0025 IMG-20170524-WA0026 IMG-20170524-WA0027 IMG-20170524-WA0028 IMG-20170524-WA0029 IMG-20170524-WA0030 IMG-20170524-WA0031 IMG-20170524-WA0032 IMG-20170524-WA0033 IMG-20170524-WA0034 IMG-20170524-WA0035 IMG-20170524-WA0036 IMG-20170524-WA0038 IMG-20170524-WA0040 IMG-20170524-WA0043

They have been making hot chocolate with marshmallows, building rafts and paddling rafts and quite clearly ending up in the river!

More rafting pictures – what lovely weather they have had. I bet they enjoyed the dip in the river!

IMG-20170524-WA0044 IMG-20170524-WA0045 IMG-20170524-WA0046 IMG-20170524-WA0047 IMG-20170524-WA0048 IMG-20170524-WA0049 IMG-20170524-WA0050 IMG-20170524-WA0051 IMG-20170524-WA0052 IMG-20170524-WA0053 IMG-20170524-WA0054 IMG-20170524-WA0056 IMG-20170524-WA0058 IMG-20170524-WA0059

The other half of the group have visited the beach this evening. A beautiful sunset!