Year 6 Residential Day 1

Good news. We’ve heard they have arrived safely. I’m sure some more pictures will be sent through soon.


Photos showing the first team building activities. They are disposing of a bomb apparently! Teachers enjoying a team building cup of tea!

IMG-20170522-WA0002 IMG-20170522-WA0003 IMG-20170522-WA0004 IMG-20170522-WA0005 IMG-20170522-WA0006

IMG-20170522-WA0007 IMG-20170522-WA0008 IMG-20170522-WA0009 IMG-20170522-WA0010

They are finishing the day with a night walk with the added thrill of watching a falcon!

IMG-20170522-WA0011 IMG-20170522-WA0012